International Yoga Sport Academy

About Us


International Yoga Sport Academy is an IYSF-governed entity operating under the guidance of the IYSF Technical Committee, appointed teachers, and assistants. International Yoga Sport Academy will educate judges, coaches and train athletes according to established rules and regulations and promote A-level coaches worldwide.

A-level Coaches are:

  • Existing World Yoga Champions and existing coaches, whose athletes placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the International level (If this is you, get in touch and IYSA will send you the criteria for joining IYSA coaches).
  • Coaches trained by IYSA and recommended by the National Federations
  • For non-existing or in active Federations – coaches trained and approved by IYSA

Options for Education with IYSA

Training for Coaches / Teachers and Judges

Become an ambassador of yoga sport