Coach training

  • Three-week coach training is a pedagogic and methodical training program under the guidance of the technical committee taught by an appointed teachers and assistants for yoga teachers, mainly, (contact us for an exception) and everyone:
  • Who wants to teach IYSF Yoga Sport Classes in existing yoga studios (Ambassadors of Yoga Sports) or Local Yoga Sports Academies, and bring Yoga Sport awareness to the public
  • Who wants to help their national federations in organizing Yoga Sport Coaches’ Training and Certifications (to certify their national B-level coaches)
  • Who is responsible for the coaching in their yoga studios, sport clubs and federations and want to become A-level coaches and be promoted by IYSF


Posture methodology, posture anatomy, online sessions of yoga sport class dialogue prior to the training, yoga sport class clinics, postures drills, feedback and preparation sessions, visits of A-level coaches, yoga nidra, and complementary introduction to the practice of pranayamas. 

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Coach training tuition, not including accommodation: $2990 (USD)

Accommodation Information